Auto AC Repair in Rialto

Arrow Auto Air and Service Center is proud to be a locally-owned and operated Rialto business. We’ve been the premier auto air conditioning service in the area since 1957, and we’re also known for our expert-level diagnostics, repairs, and automotive maintenance. All of the mechanics at our Rialto auto shop are incomparably skilled, dependable, and trustworthy. We won’t stop until we’ve thoroughly investigated any issues you may be having, and we’ll offer up-front advice on how to resolve the situation. We are extremely proud of our integrity and professionalism because they’ve helped to build our stellar reputation. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best service from the most reputable auto shop in town. Give us a call right away, and we’d be happy to show what sets us apart from every other Rialto auto air conditioner service company.


Your car’s cooling and heating systems are in charge of keeping you comfortable, whether it’s during the chilly winter months or the harsh summer heat. The parts of your system are subject to wear and tear over time because they are used frequently. The auto air conditioning system involves supplying coolant to the fan in your car and blowing cool air into the cabin, as opposed to the heating system, which transfers heat from the engine to the core. These systems have a lot of functional parts, so it’s crucial to perform regular maintenance and get your car to Arrow Auto Air when issues arise. We offer a comprehensive auto AC service menu, which includes:

Automotive Air Conditioner Service & Maintenance

You probably use your car’s air conditioning almost daily if you live in California. With regular maintenance, it’s simple to keep your car comfortable for yourself and your loved ones all year long. Our Rialto auto air conditioning service is all-inclusive, so we’ll be sure to check every component of your system. We’ll check for leaks or other damage during your routine Rialto automotive air conditioning service, make sure your car is getting to the right temperature, and make sure your system is in working order. Following a careful inspection, we’ll take care of any required repairs and have you out the door and on the road in no time.

Automotive Air Conditioner Replacement

If we troubleshoot your heater or air conditioner and find that the problems are too extensive to warrant repair, we’ll likely recommend auto AC replacement. We recognize that your money is hard-earned, and we know it can be upsetting to learn that a crucial part of your car is irreparably broken. The most skilled mechanics in the industry perform all the work at our shop, and we offer the best service in the neighborhood at the most competitive rates.

Automotive Air Conditioner Repair

You most likely become aware of a problem with your car’s heater or air conditioner as soon as an issue arises. Heater or air conditioning problem warning signs include:

A moldy, musty, or damp smell

Air conditioner or heater only blows while you’re driving – not when you’re idling

Vents don’t push out an adequate amount of air, even at the highest setting

Defroster blows dirty air, takes longer than normal to work, or doesn’t work at all

Heater blows cold air or air conditioner blows warm air

Noticeably inadequate cooling or heating

If you experience any of these issues, you should come to Arrow Auto Air so that we can look into the situation. If our skilled technicians find that you require auto AC repair in Rialto, we’ll talk to you about every detail of the work you need and answer any questions you may have. If any repairs are required, we’ll take care of them quickly and effectively so you can put this bothersome issue behind you. Because our mechanics are skilled in every aspect of automotive air conditioning repair, you can rest assured that your car will be in the best hands while it is in our shop.

We also offer:

Ignitions Maintenance and Repair

Electrical System Maintenance and Repair

Charging System Maintenance and Repair


Comprehensive Computerized Diagnostics

Manual Transmissions and Clutches

Custom Bodywork

Fuel System Maintenance and Repair

Engine Work of All Kinds

Classic Car Restorations

Oil Changes


Emissions System Maintenance and Repair


Wheel Alignment

Custom Paint Jobs

Cooling System Maintenance and Repair

Starting System Maintenance and Repair

Brake Service

And more!

To talk to us about our broad range of automotive services, inquire about maintenance or repairs, or schedule an appointment or estimate, call Arrow Auto Air and Service Center today at (909) 889-8371!